After a busy week of unpacking, decompressing and lots of other work, I am finally getting over the feeling each morning of , "ok, what are we doing today, what two kinds of pasta are we having for dinner, and where is Marco?"


We all had a wonderful time, and felt in many ways it was a trip of a lifetime. Jim and I travel quite a bit, and have lived in France, so we are usually quite independent. The Buells have traveled much less, but found this experience excellent. This time I think we really enjoyed not having to worry about renting a car, driving, navigating in and out of new towns and cities, and all the rest. But much more, traveling with a good guide really helps you learn so much more and understand a new culture. And traveling with a guide like Marco added even a further dimension of experience. He planned so many interesting and special things for us, and was always able to magically get us where we needed to go on time, and find us at the end of a tour, or even take all of us to Catania at the end, separately and starting very early!


Sicily was great. I know Italy, but not Sicily, and found it to be different and yet amazing. The food, culture and people were very accessible and somehow familiar (probably due to so many Italian-Americans being of Sicilian origin). Marco added so much to our trip, and was unfailingly patient and enthusiastic. We all enjoyed our time together, and in fact hope to see him in Boston at one of his wine dinners at local restaurants. I have even offered to host Maria Grammatico if he succeeds in bringing her here next fall! He is truly a special person, as you said.

Lisa Micali, NicheItaly traveler